Building Automation Systems

Improve Control.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) allow optimal control of your HVAC equipment.  Equipment is set up to operate efficiently and to provide occupant comfort.

Consider This:

  • Many older facilities, including commercial office buildings and hotels built in the 1980’s or earlier still use the same controls from the day they opened.
  • Many of these older controls are manually adjusted.
  • Many more controls have failed completely and contribute to higher energy consumption and occupant comfort issues.
  • Proper controls not only save money and improve comfort, but also allow system monitoring for maintenance.
  • Today’s building automation systems (BAS) are user friendly to allow building operators to see what is occurring in the building and quickly diagnose problems.
  • Other items can be integrated into the BAS, such as lighting.


  • Commercial Offices
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Additional Benefits:

  • Trend logging of equipment operation for troubleshooting
  • Quick verification of whole system status from one computer monitor
  • Notifications and alarms for critical setpoints and spaces