Energy Scoping Studies & Audits

Improve Investment Opportunities.

Energy Scoping Studies & Audits are a quick way to see what opportunities exist for energy savings at your facility.  From small restaurants to large hotels, everyone wants to increase profits.  Reducing energy costs is one way to maximize the value of your business.

Consider This:

  • Energy costs continue to increase.
  • Many buildings use original equipment that often operates at constant speed all day even though production and/or occupancy can vary significantly.
  • While many facility owners and operators are more energy conscious these days, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many opportunities from lights to controls to new equipment.
  • An energy audit is a low cost way to see energy savings opportunities available for your facility.
  • The local electricity (hydro) and natural gas utilities provide funding for audits and implementation of energy savings opportunities.


  • All facilities that consume electricity and natural gas

Additional Benefits:

While reviewing your facility, an experienced energy auditor can also review HVAC equipment for other issues that can be improved at the same time, such as:

  • Improved equipment reliability (less cycling).
  • Reduce noise
  • Improve occupant comfort = Improved customer satisfaction = Repeat business and positive word of mouth to others.