Occupant Comfort

Improve Occupant Comfort.

Do you have cold drafts?  Areas that are too hot, too cold, too noisy?  HVAC equipment and control systems can stray from their original operating conditions and/or system balancing is not optimal.


Laser’s technical staff have serviced, analyzed, documented and traced out thousands of HVAC systems in buildings across the GTA and Southern Ontario.  We know how equipment should be operating for your building type and use.


No drawings?  No documentation?  No problem!  At Laser, we are experts at investigating existing buildings.

Typical Occupant Comfort Conditions:

  • Negative pressure conditions
  • Positive pressure conditions
  • Cold drafts at restaurant, hotel and commercial office exterior doors
  • Sewage and/or grease odours in restaurant kitchens and dining areas
  • Noises (Whistling, rattling, rumbling, vibrations)
  • Odours in areas they shouldn’t be
  • Spaces that are too hot
  • Spaces that are too cold
  • Spaces where heat and cold alternate continuously