Improve Motor Performance.


Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) allow variable speed control of AC motors.  Reduce energy costs with variable air and hydronic system upgrades.

Many fans and hydronic pumps operate at full speed all day.  In many instances, a VFD can be installed on existing systems to allow variable flow operation.  A motor operating at less speed consumes less electricity.

Consider This:

  • HVAC systems and equipment are sized for peak loading conditions (hottest day, coldest day, maximum occupancy).
  • These peak conditions often exist for only a small fraction of the year.
  • Opportunity exists to slow equipment down during the majority of the year.
  • In many instances, a 20% reduction in speed will provide 49% electricity savings.
  • Additional natural gas savings and incentives may also be available on makeup air units.


  • Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan and Makeup Air Unit
  • Commercial Washroom Exhaust
  • Commercial Air Handlers and Makeup Air Units
  • Rooftop Unit Air Handling Systems
  • Hydronic Pumps (Hot Water, Chilled Water)
  • Chillers
  • VFD to Replace Inlet Guide Vanes on Fans

Additional Benefits:

In addition to electricity savings, VFDs provide additional improvements.

  • Less wear and tear on the motor, belts, bearings
  • Quieter equipment operation (less air and water noise)
  • Less vibration
  • Improved occupant comfort in some situations